CyberZeals provide services to achieve your compliance goals

Security and Compliance

CyberZeals provide services to achieve your compliance goals.

1- Gap Analysis:

CyberZeals’ competent team reviews and evaluates your company’s existing IT environment to understand the gaps and flaws that are there in the system. Following this, the team formulates an effective solution to fill these shortcomings.

2- External Security Assessment:

CyberZeals also performs network penetration testing and utilizes the learned skills and automated tools to identify and resolve vulnerabilities in the clients’ network and computer systems.

This approach imitates the tactics used by hackers or other data attackers, who aim to crack the security of systems. This highly professional penetration test performed by CyberZeals is carried out as per the Rules of Engagement agreed upon by both parties.

3- Internal Security Assessment:

CyberZeals assesses and evaluates patching, VPN connections, antivirus, password policy, local user policy, remote connectivity to workstations/servers, and other third party software. These services also include the Internal Network Assessment with the addition of manual inspection of configuration on the firewall, workstation, and servers on the network.

4- Internal Network Assessment:

The functioning of CyberZeals internal network assessment comprises of the physical assessment of all the network devices. It further includes state of the art, non-invasive scan, which evaluates the current network as per the best solutions being used in the industry. This scan also generates a full report which is then forwarded to the client.

5- Infrastructure Changes:

In this plan, the workers of CyberZeals collaborate with the IT team of your company to perform all essential infrastructure changes. These alterations can vary from Network and firewall related changes to Systems and Code level changes.

6- Auditor coordination:

CyberZeals team works with your QSA and coordinates all the steps for compliance, which include initial assessment to the final compliance confirmation. Our team directly collaborates with QSA and your Systems to bridge all the major and minor gaps, which range from making changes into the systems and devices for evidence collection. It further comprises of application level security improvement, compliance training, information security policies, and business process improvement.

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